Getting Your Project Started

When the time comes to implement the basic features, I often open up my laptop with the intention of coding, but I intentionally distract myself with blogs and videos. Sometimes its hard to get motivated, and harder to get started, even when the passion is there. There are two solutions to getting your project up and running:

The easiest way is to outsource your project. If you can’t motivate yourself to do the coding, then motivate someone else using money.  This way there will be clear deadlines, you’ll have an idea of when to expect the completion of the work, and you’ll have time to concentrate on the business side of things. (Strategies for outsourcing will be covered in a future post)

The second way to get your project on the way is to create real deadlines (as oppose to artificial deadlines) for yourself. Nothing will motivate you more than if you had to demo your project to someone important in two weeks. While working on Veodeo, our clickable video project, we entered a competition at Stanford. We did more work in the two weeks leading up to the competition that the four months prior to that.

When it comes to entrepreneurship, there are always strategies you can apply to overcome your weaknesses.

Any other strategies you can think of? Please leave a comment.