Shattering A Bullet Proof Glass

Since I was a little kid I was into making things. From my wooden toy truck that used ball-bearings for wheels, and my paper kite that I flew with my friends, to my bouncy ball made from rubber bands, were all made out of a fascination with making things and a necessity to improvise due to a lack of resources during the long fought Iran-Iraq war. When my dad brought home an IBM XT286, the physical toys turned into digital games and my target audience changed from myself to my friends.

Its funny how as we develop a sense of society, we start giving into its expectations. Soon I found myself at school, then university, and for the past five and a half years at a large corporation in Silicon Valley. My fascination with making things is still there, but social pressures in the valley turned the fascination into a need, and the satisfaction into a constant anxiety, and not for lack of trying. Finally I came to the realization that the only way to get back to making interesting things would be to leave the corporate world. However, that is easier said than done [...] Continue reading

Social Pressures and Land of Opportunity

As I sit on the airplane returning from overseas, I ponder about life and what could make it more interesting and joyful. Everytime I return, it feels the same; I feel enlightened by the way of life abroad. Life just seems to make much more sense over there as it revolves around human contact, interactions, and wellbeing.

Once I land however, I’m faced with this other world, the so called “Land of Opportunity”. As I sit on CalTrain (Bay Area’s crappy public transit) I can over hear the same repeated conversations that Silicon Valley is famous for. The guy in front of me, an obese whose t-shirt humbly says “I’m right 97% of the time, who cares about the other 4%”, has just returned from a business trip in Hawaii. His once pale skin is hot red from the sun. He hands over a business card to the guy next to him, whom he had met many years ago in another conference and has accidentally run into on the train, and starts pitching his business to him [...] Continue reading

More Work Means More Time

Twenty four hours never feel like enough time to measure one day. I always find myself with the excuse “If I had more time, I would do this, and would do that”. Well now I’m discovering that to be just … Continue reading

They're Out to Steal Your Idea

Entrepreneurs are often afraid that their idea will be stolen if they tell anyone about it. They hope to prototype their idea before they tell anyone. I was very protective of my first idea, but the first person I shared … Continue reading

To Quit or Not Quit

Often people ask me if they should quit their jobs. It’s a question every entrepreneur asks themselves as they start getting very passionate about their idea. It’s a tough question to answer and if you haven’t tried working on your … Continue reading

Getting Your Project Started

When the time comes to implement the basic features, I often open up my laptop with the intention of coding, but I intentionally distract myself with blogs and videos. Sometimes its hard to get motivated, and harder to get started, … Continue reading

Real Passion Doesn't Die

You always read and hear business entrepreneurs talking about passion. Even the wikipedia entry on entrepreneurship, characterizes an entrepreneur as someone who “promotes the vision with enthusiastic passion”. But its not always very clear what they mean about passion. I … Continue reading